Dinakdakan / Kilawin

45.00 CAD
+ Description and Overview 

Dinakdakan / Kilawin in 3 different sizes , (Small, Medium and Large Party Trays).

DINAKDAKAN - is a pride of the Ilocano cuisine, most wanted by guys who love the exotic experience of fried or grilled pig parts, face or ear dressed with pig’s brain, vinegar, chillies and other seasonings. It is a somewhat similar to sisig how ever dinakdakan is cut in small cubes against sisig which is finely chopped. It is also served as appetizer for those who love drinking liquor but it is equally good for viand. Preparation is similar to pork kinilaw with the addition of pork brain.

+ Manufacturer 

FV Products

These products are freshly cooked or baked in our main plant at 757 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario and all hot dishes will be cook in the branches neareast you.